Bamberg, Germany is an excellent place for you to visit if you enjoy experiencing historical Europe. The whole town of Bamberg is an architectural delight and a joy for the history buff. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can be sure that there are beautiful buildings and rich history to be experienced here. Also, Bamberg has one of the largest concentrations of microbreweries anywhere, so it is a wonderful location for the beer enthusiast.

When to Visit
The best time, weather-wise, to visit Bamberg would be in their summer months of June-September. Outside of that timeframe, the weather is less consistent, and temperatures can vary greatly, often dropping pretty low. The warmest month of the year is August with highs averaging around the 80s. Along with the warmest weather will also come the most tourists and higher prices though.

If you are looking for a time to visit Bamberg with fewer tourists and still rather pleasant weather, it may be best to visit in the Fall months of September – November. Weather may get chilly, but the highs should be rather nice. There is no defined rainy season in Bamberg, so you don’t need to look out for that!

Essential Attractions
As mentioned earlier, Bamberg, Germany is an excellent spot for those who love historical European towns. Here are a few of the best places to experience the rich culture and history of this provincial town.

Bamberg’s Old Town is a great spot to visit. It is a must to walk over the Obere Brucke, which is a pedestrian-only bridge that leads to the Old Town Hall. The Old Town Hall was built on an artificial island in the river and is characterized by beautiful medieval architecture. The bridge will also give you a great view of the Klein Venedig, or Little Venice, with quaint and charming fisherman’s houses lining the shores of the river.

St. Peter and St. George’s Imperial Cathedral, also lovingly referred to as the Bamberg Cathedral is a great place to visit as well! Built in the early 13th century, this cathedral has stunning architecture and meticulous detail carved into every doorway. It even features the tomb of Emporer Henry II.

The Old Court is considered one of the finest creations of the German Renaissance. Originally the bishop’s palace, The Old Court now houses Bamberg’s historical museum.

Lesser-Known Gems
Behind the prince’s palace of Neue Residenz, is the Rosengarten, which is a must-see for the floral enthusiast. This beautiful and meticulously maintained garden features over 4600 roses, precisely planted alongside closely trimmed hedges. Statues are featured throughout and carefully cared for lime trees form the border.

E.T.A Hoffman’s house of a few years is also located in Bamberg. Now a museum, the romantic author’s past home features a “magic” garden in the courtyard and an intricate and interactive music cabinet that will play his musical works.

If you happen to find yourself in Bamberg during the Christmas holiday, it will not disappoint! In Alte Hofhaltung you will be able to peruse their medieval Christmas market. Many local vendors attend with an abundance of homemade goods, and you will see many different nativity scenes throughout.

Foods to Try
With one of the densest pub scenes in Europe, the food scene in Bamberg is rich, diverse and delicious. One of the most unique beverage items that will be found in Bamberg is Rauchbier. This unique beer is made with malt that has been roasted over a beechwood fire which directly impacts the flavor of this beer, giving it a distinct smoky flavor.

Schauferla is a beloved pork shoulder dish in Bamberg. Most commonly served in breweries and gastropubs, this cut of meat is roasted with a dark beer and stock for several hours producing an impossibly tender dish. The pork is served alongside cabbage and potato dumplings traditionally.

Bamberger Zwiebeln is not for everyone, but those who are willing to try this stuffed onion will probably love it! Stuffed with pork belly, bread, eggs, and various spices, the onion is slowly steamed for a while. It is then served with a blended stew that is made with Rauchbeir.

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