Dubrovnik is a charming seaside city in Croatia that features some of the best attractions, beaches, and food in Europe. Travellers who plan to visit Dubrovnik can have the most enjoyable time by partaking in these exciting experiences.


When to Visit

The seaside city of Dubrovnik is a common site for European cruise stops so you will want to make sure that you try to avoid those dates, most commonly between June and August although they arguably have the best weather. If you are looking for nice temperatures and fewer crowds, head to Dubrovnik in September or October, but bring your umbrella! You may see some rain!


Essential Attractions

Dubrovnik Old Town – This historical section of the city is known for its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings that have stood for centuries. Notable places in this part of Dubrovnik include Rector’s Palace and the main street known as the Placa.


Fort Lovijenac – Situated just beyond the western wall of the city, this iconic fortress is perched atop a cliff that overlooks the sea. Old weaponry and other significant relics can be seen by taking a tour.


Pile Gate – People have the chance to walk across a drawbridge when they visit Pile Gate. This city gate was constructed in 1537 and has a statue of St. Blaise, Dubrovnik’s patron saint, above its arch.


Banje Beach – Known for being Dubrovnik’s main city beach, many locals and tourists come here to swim and sunbathe. Beachgoers can also rent deckchairs where they can sit to take in stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.


Lesser-Known Gems

Croatian Naive Art Gallery – Anyone who wishes to see some beautiful art pieces can spend time exploring this acclaimed art gallery. The artwork on display was created primarily by local artists.


Big Onofrio’s Fountain – This fountain has been standing at its location in front of St. Savior Church since 1438. Sixteen separate mascarons on the fountain shoot out water.


Maritime Museum – This museum pays tribute to Dubrovnik’s maritime history. Model ships that sailed the Adriatic Sea along with other important artifacts are on display.


Sveti Jakov – People who want to enjoy a more secluded experience by the sea can head to this beach. A bar and restaurant can also be found at sea level.


Foods to Try

Zalena Manestra – Also known as “the green stew,” this dish consists of meat, potatoes and cabbage. The dish was first mentioned in writings that date back to 1480.


Dirty Macaroni – Penne or macaroni past noodles with red meat sauce are used to create this different spin on the classic macaroni and cheese. The sauce used for this dish is similar to marinara sauce but also includes flavours that are unique to the region.


Musule na buzaru – Seafood lovers can try these mussels in buzara-style sauce as their meal in many local restaurants.


Rožata – Ideal for dessert, this custard pudding treat is similar to crème brûlée. Rozalin liqueur is often used to bring out the dessert’s flavour, but vanilla or other   extracts can also be used.


A visit to Dubrovnik should be on every traveller’s itinerary. The sights and delicious edibles that are found in the city can make anyone’s trip the most fulfilling.