You’ve finally chosen the dream destination for your international trip, but you’re still confused about the cost of travel. International travel expenses can vary a great deal, depending on several factors. You need to decide how you like to travel, and take the international currency exchange rates into consideration. So let’s take a look at how to budget for international travel and make that dream vacation a reality.


Budget for International Transportation

International airfare can take up almost half of your travel budget. If you’re traveling to a different continent, you need to compare prices for airfare to your destination. If you’re traveling on your home continent, consider other types of transportation, such as a scenic train ride.


Budget for Local Transportation

You’ll need to get around once you arrive. Public transportation is an inexpensive option, and it will let you see the city like a local. Do an internet search for public transportation in the city you plan on visiting. This will give you an idea of the cost. You may also need an Uber or a taxi at times, so research that too.

If you plan on traveling to more than one town or city, research the options for traveling from one city to the next. Local prices for buses, trains, and boats should be easy to find online. Add up all these costs and add them to your trip budget.


Budget Your Accommodations

Hotels and B&Bs can be an expensive part of your travel budget. First, determine what type of accommodations you want. This could be a hotel, apartment or house rental, a hostel or Airbnb. Multiply the number of nights you plan to stay at each location.


Budget for Meals

Food prices can vary a lot, depending on the location. If your travel plans include Europe, New Zealand or Australia eating out may cost you about the same as in the United States or Canada, but probably more. If you’re traveling to Africa, South America, or Asia, food is usually cheaper. If your accommodations include a kitchen, that can save you on breakfast.


Budget for Activities

You will probably take a few tours, visit a few museums or ancient ruins, or participate in other activities. Research what you want to do on your vacation, and factor these costs into your budget. Also, budget in money to do some local shopping. Finally, keep a close eye on your spending while you travel, so you don’t go over budget.